Center for Collective Leadership Website

Deloitte required an enterprise level CMS to help them build a collaborative web site to launch their new Deloitte Center for Collective Leadership (DCCL). The CMS needed to provide as much out-of-the-box functionality as possible to keep costs down, but have enough flexibility to allow special complicated customisation where required.

Magnolia was selected as the tool of choice, along with the Magnolia STK to help speed up the site development. Bundles IT (now known as Ventiv) was also consulted to the Deloitte Online development team to help design and support the implementation of the solution using Magnolia’s best practices.

Client Details


The Deloitte Center for Collective Leadership (DCCL) is a global learning institution and provider of insight, understanding, knowledge and expertise on how leaders can successfully inspire, enroll and engage people to work together to achieve a common purpose.

A new concept on collective leadership has been developed by Deloitte known as “As One” which is a methodology that measures an organisation’s ability to work “As One” especially in executing its strategy.


Client Deloitte Center for Collective Leadership
Magnolia Consulting Partner Ventiv
Implemented By Deloitte’s Online Practice & Ventiv
  • Magnolia CMS Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft IIS v7
  • Tomcat Application
  • Server 5.5.x MS
  • SQL Database 2008
  • Windows Server 2008
Number of Sites 1
Number of Pages 15+ pages
150+ data elements (inc PDF, images & video)


Business problem addressed

Deloitte needed to build a new website to help launch its Deloitte Centre for Collective Leadership in time for a book launch on its recently developed methodology, “As One”. It was important for the collaborative site to look modern and provide a good user experience where information would be easy to find and registered users could comment on and add their own “As One” experiences.

The site also needed to include many Web 2.0 features, such as the ability to link articles to social media sites, provide RSS feeds, and RESTful APIs to allow mobile applications full access to the site.

Result: The new site was launched to a targeted audience a month before the book launch and was then publically launched soon after. While Magnolia provided many features out of the box, its flexibility and access to code made implementing custom requirements a lot easier.  

Level of customization required and rationale

  • Custom look and feel for the published web site to ensure a good user experience
  • Public User Registration was modified to capture custom user details and include CAPTCHA validation.
  • Ability for registered users to upload content to the data repository, which also includes uploading of PDF, image and video files.
  • Updated comments capability to allow comments on data elements instead of pages. This means we could use a single page to display all data content.
  • Added Web Service access using RESTful APIs to authorise access and allow users to add comments and upload experiences from iPhone and iPad apps.