Meet our team

Brad Kazazes

Position: Founder and Technical Online Specialist

Brad has been at the forefront of solution architecture and web development for more than a decade.

Prior to Ventiv, he was a technical architect and senior developer at Deloitte Melbourne for seven years, where he worked with Australia’s top organisations, developing and integrating online applications and consulting on projects for government and commercial clients.  

Brad combines his big-firm experience with a commitment to improving project quality and helping companies make a difference to their people and their business.

Andrew Barrow

Position: Senior Software Developer and Solution Architect

Andrew has been developing web software solutions for 10 years. At Ventiv he is responsible for developing and maintaining several client web and iOS applications for companies that include Clean Energy Council, OSHClub, and Konnective. He specialises in Solution Architecture, Bespoke online application using the Spring Framework and Hibernate, and Magnolia Implementations.

Prior to Ventiv he was a senior developer at cXense for 9 months, where he used agile processes to maintain and provide support for a SaaS application. Prior to that has was a senior developer and software architect at Deloitte Melbourne for almost 5 years, where he worked with internal and external clients, developing and integrating online applications and consulting on projects.